Changing how people interact with large-scale brain imaging archives


New in Invizian

Fly through and interact with hundreds of human brains to compare structural differences or carefully inspect individual specimens. Introducing the “Informatics Visualization in Neuroimaging (Invizian©)” Project, a 21st century visualization environment that enables you, via your computer, to display and interact with hundreds of neuroimaging data sets at once —bringing together brain image data from some of the world’s best neuroscience research teams. Invizian© empowers both researchers and students of neuroscience to explore and understand the human brain using Invizian’s© simple and powerful user interface for neuroimaging data exploration and discovery.
In the Invizian© interface, cortical surfaces specific to each brain are positioned such that data sets whose neuroanatomy is most similar lay closest to one another whereas brains with the most different cortical anatomy are positioned furthest away from one another. This creates a “brain cloud” based on their neuroanatomical similarity. Users may use their mouse to navigate through the space then perform meta-data searches highlighting specific brains. Any brain may be clicked to provide interaction with a high-resolution version of the surface. Brains may be color-coded according to specific attributes or regional metrics. Brains may be grouped and systematically compared using a variety of data mining tools. All in all, Invizian© is designed to make the examination of neuroimaging dataset content compelling, interesting, educational, and fun. Come back often to see how we are making continuing progress to make Invizian© even more amazing.© 2016 Invizian. All Rights Reserved.

New Features in Invizian

New Features in Invizian, more features

For more details and to stay updated on the program development, follow us the NITRC Website also check us out on BitBucket (account required).

The software is available to download for your Windows (invizian_1.6.6_win64_setup) or Linux (invizian_1.4.6-1_amd64.deb) computer, free of charge. Send a note to us here at INVIZIAN with your email address to get access to an example set of data.