Visualization of data is the essence for much of modern biomedical science. Yet, as data sets grow in size and dimensionality, the means by which we commonly explore that data quickly become unsuitable. Graphing software is ideal for plotting two-variable relationships but cannot effectively convey data of dimensional complexity. Image processing tools often only allow users to display data from one subject at a time. Such software often provides only a static image as opposed to presenting an interactive environment for exploring complex data sets. What is more, users now demand an interactive experience enabling them to render, display, and dynamically manipulate information on their computers. For many “Big Data” datatypes, these issues can seem insurmountable.

The INVIZIAN© project, seeks to address this challenge head on. We will develop and deploy a powerful, graphically-driven approach to the exploration and mining of biomedical imaging Big Data based on geometry and shape, the clustering of morphologically similar cases, and the interactive graphical visualization of the large collections contained in large-scale archives. Taking advantage of existing large-scale brain archives, we will construct a system in which users will be able to translate, rotate, and re-arrange objects in 3D to highlight global patterns, see natural sub-groupings, and identify outliers using only one’s computer mouse or touchscreen device. They will be able to fly-through data, store particular views, and share their interactions as video clips with colleagues on social media.

Meta-data underlying any 3D object will be easily accessible via a mouse-click or finger tap. Users will be able to easily search for specific meta-data attributes and have results presented graphically in real-time. Users may group, label, color, and save collections of objects by simply selecting them and interactively plot data attributes to explore basic relationships and differences. Furthermore, users will be able submit the underlying data directly to sophisticated data processing workflow software for further processing and analysis. What this project does not do is seek to advocate or support the development of any new centralized neuroimaging database but rather will provide an unprecedented means for interacting with existing digital image archives.

We fully expect the innovative visualization deliverables from this project to draw particular interest and excitement from the Big Data informatics as well as broader biomedical science communities. Following a thorough development timeline, these user-centric visualization software tools will be instrumental for researchers as part of their Big Data enterprise, helping to guide research directions, enhance education, prompt new discovery, and will provide significant new insights concerning large-scale biomedical image repositories of health and disease.

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For more details and to stay updated on the program development, follow us the NITRC Website also check us out on BitBucket (account required).

The software is available to download for your Windows (invizian_1.6.6_win64_setup) or Linux (invizian_1.4.6-1_amd64.deb) computer, free of charge. Send a note to us here at INVIZIAN with your email address to get access to an example set of data.